Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire based Car detailing and valeting.

There are many reasons to have your car detailed apart from aesthetic reasons.

Firstly, it’s a fantastic way to prolong the life of your car body work. This will also minimise the long term repair costs of your car. Secondly, it will also improve your car’s value when selling or showing your vehicle.

Do you require car valeting services?

If you’re in Nottingham, contact Auto Lusso Detailing Ltd.

Our car valeting services include wheel cleaning, alloy wheel restoration, tyre wall degreasing, vehicle washing and cleaning, car polishing, carpet cleaning and shampooing, seat and interior vacuuming, glass cleaning, tyre dressing, leathering cleaning and conditioning.

Auto Lusso Detailing Ltd have three different packages on offer, tailored to your budget and requirements, including our Basic Valet Wash, Medium Valet or Full Valet.

Our experts advise that a basic or medium valet is carried out every 3-4 months. A full valet is ideal for those who are entering their vehicle in a competition. Alternatively, it’s brilliant for those who simply want to take pride in their vehicle.

Based in Heanor, we are perfect for anyone who needs valeting services in Nottingham.

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