Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire based Car detailing and valeting.

Why settle for streaky soap, buckets of water and a hosing down, when you can have your car detailed? Nothing transforms your car more than a professional car detailing service. Using the latest technology and the most innovative products, it will look like it’s come fresh off the factory line.

As the name suggests, car detailing involves cleaning and restoring a car with scrupulous levels of care. In this respect, it’s the equivalent of cosmetic surgery for your vehicle.

For exterior car detailing services in East midlands , call Auto Lusso Detailing Ltd.

So, why choose us?

Auto Lusso Detailing Ltd offer the highest levels of customer service along with top quality craftsmanship. Working with both business and private individuals, we cover all make and models of car.

Our studio is perfectly equipped to find even the smallest fault in a vehicle’s paintwork. With over 1,000 watts of LED lighting, we can spot even the tiniest defect.

If you’re after Exterior Detailing, you can benefit from the best paint enhancement, correction and protection. Our coatings provide the finest protection, which is super hydrophic and therefore extremely easy to clean. It is also extremely long-lasting and can protect your vehicle for around 5 years.

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