Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire based Car detailing and valeting.

Car detailing has been around as long as the vehicles themselves. There’s even a photo of a man, vacuuming the interior of an automobile in the Netherlands, during the First World War. However, like automobiles themselves, detailing has never been so thorough or advanced.


Since the outside of your car is constantly on show, nothing beats an Exterior Car Detailing service. Whether it’s been prepared for a showroom, or you’re entering your vehicle in a motor show, detailing will make it look impeccable.


If you’re in Derby and require an Exterior Car Detailing service, visit Auto Lusso Detailing Ltd.


Based between Derby and Nottinghamshire, we offer both Exterior, Interior and Full Car Detailing for clients in a wide range of locations, including Lincoln. We offer top quality craftsmanship and high levels of customer service, with all work taking place in our specially designed studio.


Our Exterior Detailing includes: exterior car cleaning, paintwork services, paint enhancement, correction and protection, alloy wheel repairs and scratch removals. Auto Lusso also provide a wide range of protection packages, including glass or ceramic coatings to keep that gleam for longer.


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