Paint enhancement is perfect for getting your vehicle swirl free and bring the lustre back out

Paint enhancement is perfect for getting your vehicle swirl free and bring the lustre back out, this is perfect for a every day car and will definitly turn heads. With a layer of menzerna power lock; which is a sealant to help protect the paint work from uv degration, it also helps to keep the paint work easier to clean. We would then apply a layer of swissvax best of show to give it the show car shine and also more protection. 


What's included?

  • Wheels cleaned plus a fallout remover is applied to decontaminate the wheels.
  • Tyre wall degreased and cleaned to remove old product and dirt.
  • Snow foam applied to soften the dirt and to reduce the risk of marring the paint.
  • Vehicle rinsed at 30-40 degrees to help with the pre wash cycle to remove as much dirt as possible before washing.
  • Vehicle shampooed using our two bucket wash method using a 100% lambs wool washmitt.
  • Vehicle dried using a drying towel or hot air depending on the vehicle.
  • 3 stage de-contamination to remove tar and fallout.
  • Window rubbers/plastic trim etc are then taped up for protection.
  • Paint thickness readings taken.
  • All surfaces inspected.
  • 1-2+ stage machine polish.
  • Pre wax cleaner applied by hand to prepare the paintwork for wax or sealent.
  • *Vehicle waxed.
  • Glass cleaned inside and out.
  • All plastics and rubbers treated and protected to avoid uv degradation.
  • Wheels sealed.
  • Interior carpets recieve light hoovering.

Price: From £200

Time to complete: 1-3+ Days

Optional Extra's

Gtechniq Serum Light, upto 5 years of protection - £150+

  • Gtechniq Exo v2 Sealant 2 layers -  £80+
  • Gtechniq C1 Crystal Lacquer - Extreme Durability, Scratch Resistance and Water & dirt repellency - £100+
  • Gtechniq C5 Alloy Wheel Armour - £30+ (per wheel)
  • Gtechniq G1 Clear vision - £40+

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