The Audi R8 is now complete, this was finished off on Sunday. The Audi went through a full weeks detailing, not one bit was left untouched. We did just over 70 hours of cleaning and polishing on this over the course of a week. The Audi is a 62 plate and it now looks better then brand new. 
Get in touch if you want your pride and joy looking its best again. The entire car was coated in GTECHNIQ for the ultimate protection and it will make the car look as good as new in the future.

Audi R8 white 1Audi R8 white 2Audi R8 white 3Audi R8 white 4Audi R8 white 5Audi R8 white 6Audi R8 white 7This was theengine bay when it had been cleaned and protected. Looks brand new again.

Audi R8 white 8Audi R8 white 9This was taken after we had corrected the paint work, took a lot of hours to get to this standard.

Audi R8 white 10We use these lights when we are targeting a specific area to make sure we dont miss any thing.

Audi R8 white 12These little spot pads make easy work of really tight areas.

Audi R8 white 13Audi R8 white 14Audi R8 white 15

 We are polishing the bottom of the bumper and new lights like these to spot the defects.

Audi R8 white 16The picture above is just showing the paint work after its major correction.

Audi R8 white 18Audi R8 white 19Check out the wheels after they had been cleaned and polished, plus dont forget to check out the brake hubs they were polished to.

Audi R8 white 20

Audi R8 white 21Audi R8 white 22Audi R8 white 23Audi R8 white 24Audi R8 white 25Audi R8 white 26Audi R8 white 27