The Mercedes-Benz E Class convertible has been finished off. We performed a new car detail on this car as it was only 12 months old; so it needed a bit more machining to get the paint work right before we applied GTECHNIQ EXO V2 for a long lasting protection plus it makes the car super easy to maintain. The interior was also given a deep clean and all surfaces were protected. The wheels were taken off and were given a deep clean and protected in GTECHNIQ C5.

If your expecting a new car or you have just bought one, but your wondering what to do with the car- protection wise, get in touch for a free quotation, to see what we can do for you. Sorry we didnt take many photos has were very busy. Thanks

Merc eclass conv 1Giving the wheels a good clean, we took these off later on to get the wheels coated in GTECHNIQ C5

Merc eclass conv 2Merc eclass conv 3Merc eclass conv 4Merc eclass conv 5This picture above is just showing you how the window coating goes on, the front window needs 5 layers of this with a 15 minute curing process inbetween coats

Merc eclass conv 6This was taken when the car had been fully machine polished and was waiting to be coated in GTECHNIQ EXO V2.

Merc eclass conv 7Merc eclass conv 8Merc eclass conv 9Merc eclass conv 10Merc eclass conv 11Merc eclass conv 12Merc eclass conv 13Merc eclass conv 14Merc eclass conv 15