This BMW came in for the interior to be cleaned up, paint work to be fully corrected, the wheels refurbed, to paint the calipers silver and protect the convertable roof. We really had a lot of work to do to get this 08 plate BMW back to life again. The paint work was given a 2 stage polish to remove deep scratches and swirl marks, then the final stage was to really bring the black paint out. The interior was steam cleaned too. Sorry for the lack of images on this one, we get so busy sometimes its just imposible to get photos.BMW black 1BMW black 2BMW black 3BMW black 4BMW black 5This was the condition of the paint, it looked really dry and faded.BMW black 6BMW black 7BMW black 8The brake hubs and calipers were all rusty, the customer wanted them to be painted up and we went with silver.BMW black 9BMW black 10BMW black 11BMW black 12BMW black 13