Here at Auto Di Lusso, we pride ourselves in achieving the finest standard of work. We believe that showing you what we're capable of is the best way for you to see exactly what we can do for you. Click the images below for and in-depth writeup and pictures from previous work!  It will give you a better insight into what's involved in detailing a car. 

BMW 1 Series, paint correction.

This BMW came in for the interior to be cleaned up, paint work to be fully corrected, the wheels refurbed, to paint the calipers silver.

Ford Focus ST. New Car Detail

The brand new Ford Focus ST . This car was brought to us to sort out the paint and alloys wheels.

Mazda MX5 New Car Detail.

We have this little Mazda Mx5 in for a new car detail.  We will be giving the paint work a good polish to bring the metallic white paint out even more

Ford Focus RS. Paint Correction

Ford Focus RS, came to us to get the paint looking as good a new again. We performed a 2 stage machine polish on this classic car.

Mercedes E Class, New Car Detail

The Mercedes-Benz E Class convertible has been finished off. We performed a new car detail on this car as it was only 12 months old;

Audi R8 Elegance Detail.

The Audi R8 is now complete, this was finished off on Sunday. The Audi went through a full weeks detailing.

Mercedes E Class, Minor correction - Interior Detail

That's the Mercedes E class all finished off, doesn't it look amazing?