Here at Auto Di Lusso, we pride ourselves in achieving the finest standard of work. We believe that showing you what we're capable of is the best way for you to see exactly what we can do for you. Click the images below for and in-depth writeup and pictures from previous work!  It will give you a better insight into what's involved in detailing a car. 

Lotus Elise. Paint correction, Gtechniq Protection.

This Lotus Elise is 10 years old and needed a good detail to bring the car back upto standards again. We detailed the exterior, interior,  engine bay and we painted the brake calipers black too. Read more.

Golf R New Car Detail. Gtechniq Protection.

This brand new Golf R, came in to us with 40 miles on the clock. The owner wanted his car protected with Gtechniq so we protected the paint with Gtechniq right down to the seats and carpets for the ultimtate protection. Read More

Audi TT S Line, New car detail.

We had been washing this car and maintaining it for the customer for a while, then he booked in for a new car detail to give the car better beading and to make the paint stand out even more.

BMW 320D, New Car Detail.

This BMW was fresh out of the factory, the customer had come in 3 weeks; before with the car to get the alloys protected in Gtechniq C5, 

Porsche Cayenne, Deep clean.

This Porsche was feeling sorry for its self and needed a good deep clean and a good clay barring; 

Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG

This mercedes A45 Amg came in for a full Gtechniq protection from wheels, windows to the paint work.

BMW 3 Series (Black) Paint enhancement

The owner of this BMW was fed up with seeing defects in the paint, especially when the sun was on it.