Here at Auto Di Lusso, we pride ourselves in achieving the finest standard of work. We believe that showing you what we're capable of is the best way for you to see exactly what we can do for you. Click the images below for and in-depth writeup and pictures from previous work!  It will give you a better insight into what's involved in detailing a car. 

Audi S3

Audi S3, the owner of the car was fed up in seeing swirl marks in is paint work, so he came to us to get them removed. Doesnt black look really good once it has been detailed.

Porsche Cayman, Paint Enhancement.

Porsche Cayman. The owner wanted is new car to be nice and shiny and he didn't want to see any scratches in the paint work when the sun came out. So we gave it a good polishing and protected it with a wax called Swissvax best of show.

BMW 3 Series (White)

This BMW 3 Series came to us for a winter protection to prepare the paint work for the bad weather. With the winter protection the wheels come off and get cleaned the proper way and then get protected with a heat resistant sealant.

BMW 645i

BMW 645i, that we recently detailed, the owner has just bought the car and wanted it to look as new as we could get it. The paint on this BMW was in a really bad way and needed many stages of polishing to bring it to the condition its in now.

Volkswagen Golf GTI (Black) Paint Correction

We have put a huge amount of time into this one, getting the paint work back to factory fresh condition again.

Corsa VXR (Red)

Doesn't it look amazing now we have done a paint correction on the paint work, last week the red paint was all faded and looked so old, but I can definitely say I have loved every minute of restoring this VXR to how it should look.

Honda Civic Type R

This Honda Civic Type R is now finished and the customer was over the moon, he couldn't believe it was the same car. This car now looks like it has just rolled out of the factory, as you can see from the pictures it looks amazing and we will be washing this car every week now to maintain it for the customer.