Here at Auto Di Lusso, we pride ourselves in achieving the finest standard of work. We believe that showing you what we're capable of is the best way for you to see exactly what we can do for you. Click the images below for and in-depth writeup and pictures from previous work!  It will give you a better insight into what's involved in detailing a car. 

Aston Martin Vantage

This British super car came in for an 'elegance detail'. The 'elegance detail' is our top package and consists of a one week detailing package. This package is perfect for getting the interior, exterior & engine bay up to the best standard it can be.

Audi RS3 New Car Detail

This Audi RS3 came to us as it had just been purchased and the owner was wanting the car to look whiter then white & to be easy to clean. The owner bought all the GTECHNIQ products for us to use on his car.

BMW 430d

This 4 series came in for a new car detail, the owner of this does a lot of motorway miles and really wanted to give the car the best start in life. Plus it makes it easy to maintain.

Audi SQ5, New Car Detail

This Audi SQ5 got delivered to us straight from the dealership on a lorry which was excting to see. We gave this Audi the full GTECHNIQ package from roof to tyres.

Mercedes Benz CLK 200

This Mercedes came in for a good machine polish to get the paint looking brand new again. Mercedes paint is rock hard and we had to do so many passes with the machine to get it looking this good,

Jaguar XF

This Jaguar was looking very sorry for itself and really needed a good clean up and polish, the interior was in really good condition so it didn't really need much attention. We spent 95% of our time on the exterior 

Audi RS3, New Car Detail

Hi guys. Check out this amazing RS3 which has been in for a new car detail.