We offer a variety of different detailing services tailored to suit your needs. Please choose a service below to find out more information.


Exterior Car Detailing: our exterior car cleaning and paintwork services include exterior detailing, paint enhancement, correction and protection, alloy wheel repair and scratch removal. We also do a wide range of protection packages from glass coating to ceramic coatings. These coatings are perfect for the ultimate protection and they are super hydrophic which makes it super easy to clean;  can also last upto 5 years.

We can also offer waxes and sealants too. These products are perfect for the person who loves to wash and maintain their vehicle every weekend and top up the wax on a monthly basis. 


Interior Car Detailing: interior car detailing services include upholstery cleaning, leather cleaning, vacuuming, stain removal and steam cleaning.  We can also protect the carpets, fabric seats and leather with a sealant to help keep them in tip top condition and also help to prevent staining and odours sticking to the fabric or carpet.


Why should I get my car cleaned and detailed?

-Prolong the life of your car bodywork.

-Minimise long-term repair costs by maintaining regular upkeep.

-Improved aesthetics – your car will look better!

-Improves your cars value when selling.

-Personal pride – if your car looks good, you’ll feel proud driving it.

-Creates standout at car shows.


If you want to find out more about any of our detailing packages or you're interested in knowing about the different protections available for your paint work, then feel free to get in touch today. 

Elegance Detail

The elegance detail is our top package which includes a full interior and exterior rejuvenation

New Car Protection Detail

If you have just received a new car this is the best time to protect the paintwork

Luxury Wash

The Luxury wash is perfect for maintaning your vehicle after it has been detailed

Paint Correction

This package is ideal for the person wanting more than the swirl marks removed

Protection Detail

This pefect for maintaining the paint work on your vehicle especially if it has been recently detailed

Engine Bay Deep Clean & Detail

Help tidy up your tired looking engine bay with an engine bay detail

Paint Enhancement

Paint enhancement is perfect for getting your vehicle swirl free and bring the lustre back out

Interior Detail

The interior detail is perfect for making the inside of your vehicle brand new again

Headlight Restoration

Has your car failed its mot due to hazed & faded headlight lenses?

One Day Enhancement

The one day enhancement package is perfect if your looking to quickly have your cars paintwork improved