The interior detail is perfect for making the inside of your vehicle brand new again. All the interior gets steam cleaned to kill bacteria and bad smells, plus all the plastics, leather, carbon fibre and rubber are cleaned and protected. If your interior has carbon fibre then it would be cleaned, machine polished and protected.

What's included?

  • Front seats removed if needed.
  • Dash wiped down and steam cleaned to remove dust, dirt and bacteria.
  • All plastics and rubbers steam cleaned and wiped down.
  • Carpets hoovered.
  • Carpets steam cleaned or shampooed.
  • Seats and carpets are protected to prevent staining in the future. (Leather seats are carefully cleaned, prepared and conditioned using the finest products available).
  • Dash, trim and rubbers protected using the finest products available.
  • Glass cleaned inside and out.
  • Carpets hoovered one last time.

Price: From £50


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